September 28, 2023

* Haloscan- This simple service is available to blogger users. Unfortunately, it’s not included in blogger. It allows users to trackback. Trackback is one type of linkback that allows web authors to request notification whenever someone links to their document. Authors can keep track of who links to or refers to their articles by using this feature. You can add a code to track-back back to your blog. You can also access Haloscan comments. You can find comments in blogger but you don’t have the right to edit them. You can only delete them. Blogger users can use this tool in any way they like.

* Technorati – Claim your blog with technorati. Technorati lists almost all blogs in the blogsphere so listing your blog here is crucial. It also acts as a social bookmarking site that helps drive traffic. To begin, embed the code into your blog. The “result” of the code is a technorati button. This button allows technorati users to bookmark your and save it as a favorite. It’s very basic stuff.

*Blogpatrol – Blogpatrol is the next-generation blog stats tool. It provides bloggers with a multitude of stats about their blogs. The best part is that it is completely free! Know where your traffic comes from. See which keywords are being used by search engines to find your blog. You can monitor user activity live. This is my favorite blog meter at the moment.

* Mybloglog – Mybloglog is an online community of bloggers who are passionate about blogging. This service not only helps you to build a community around you blog and drive traffic, but it also gives you stats and a blog counter. Premium benefits are available, but you will need to pay.

* w.bloggar: w.bloggar allows you to edit and post real-time for bloggers. Multiple blogs can be managed under the same username and theme. This is a great option for bloggers who have multiple blogs hosted at different hosts.

* Blogger Mobile – Moblogging is a hot topic in the blogger community. Blogger mobile lets you moblog, i.e. blog from your mobile phone. All you need to do to get your posts posted to your blogger account is to send them as text messages. This service is extremely useful for bloggers who are on the go.

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