Better release communication for your business

Keeping all your users up-to-date with changes to your software suite can be a headache! Let us help.

Make your voice heard

ReleasePage provides a place for your users to read about your latest releases across your application. Don't worry about making sure each user knows that Jimmy has fixed that last critical bug.

We'll keep them in the know so Jimmy can relax.

GitHub power

Your Release Page is powered from the core by GitHub Releases.

With GitHub's resiliency we can ensure your Release Page will always show the latest information.

No need to learn a new tool, and no need to duplicate information, just continue business as usual and we'll take care of the rest.

Emails and notifications

You focus on those new features and we'll make sure everyone hears about them. When you publish a release we'll send hand-crafted emails to your subscribers to let them know what's new.

Sshhh!... Not everything should be private

Your code being private shouldn't mean that your changes are too.

ReleasePage will work across all your private repositories, and even group them together into a single release if you like.

Simple setup. Flexible branding. Beautiful design.

Try it free for 14 days. No obligation. No credit card required.