September 28, 2023

You may feel that WPS Office software 2003 is no longer in fashion and that the Microsoft Office version you have is less useful than the one that is. You want to use Microsoft Office 2007 and WPS Office 2012. You will need to delete the old office softwares before installing the new ones. This is because they can eat up too much memory, which can cause your CPU to use more. But do you know how to completely remove them?

Microsoft Office 2003 is a suite that includes several office softwares. These include Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 (or PPT 2003) and Microsoft Access 2003. Each one plays a different role in your computer. They help you to do different things and are not related. You can uninstall these office softwares one at a time when you are done with them. Here are some ways to get rid of them.

First: Manually remove.

You should be clear about which operating system you are using in your computer. Do you use Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista? They all have their differences, at least the options for each system. The same goes for the uninstallation of file or program.

Windows XP Users:

To the left of your taskbar, click “Start”.
Select “Control Panel”.
Double-click on “Add/Remove programs” to locate it.
Click Microsoft Word 2003 from the program menu, and then click “Remove”.
The dialog box asks you if you are sure that you want to remove Microsoft Word 2003 from the computer. You click “Yes” and it will appear. Your Microsoft Office 2003 is now completely deleted.

You can also remove other office softwares after you have removed Microsoft Office Word 2003.

For Windows 7 users:

Click “Start”, in the taskbar on your desktop. Or press the “Start”, button on your keyboard.
Click on “Programs & Features” from the menu.
Double-click Microsoft Office Word 2003 to “Uninstall”
After clicking “Yes”, the dialog box appears asking you if you wish to modify or uninstall the selected application. You can then uninstall rest of the office softwares in the same manner.

For Windows Vista users:

Enter the menu by clicking “Start”.
Click “Settings” from the menu
Select “Control Panel”.
Double-click “Programs & Features” in control panel window
Locate Microsoft Office 2003 and then click on “Uninstall”.
You can return to the control panel window and use the same procedure to uninstall each rest office software one by one.

This method is a little complicated because it takes some time for you to search or find the file or folder that you wish to delete. You might accidentally delete files, click the wrong options or not remove them entirely if you’re a beginner with computers. This method is not recommended for beginners. How does a beginner remove all office softwares? Don’t panic! This is a quick and easy way to get rid of these office softwares.

Second method: Use the uninstalling program.

The Perfect Uninstaller is recommended. Search the Internet for a reputable Perfect Uninstaller. Once you have downloaded it, save it to your computer and then run the setup program. To run the program, click “Start”, and you will see a list of programs. Click on “Microsoft Office 2003” to uninstall it. The Perfect Uninstaller will then open a dialogue box asking you if you are sure that you want to uninstall Microsoft Office 2003. The Perfect Uninstaller will scan your registry and find any files that are still there. The unwanted office softwares are now gone from your computer. This is an easy and effective way to protect your computer.

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