September 28, 2023

You may be looking for career advancement, or maybe you are fed up with your remote jobs We are all always on the lookout for new and better jobs. How do you create a resume that will get you hired?

Your resume is like a portrait of you. It should be professional, neat and tidy. You should avoid spelling and formatting mistakes. Employers believe such applicants are reckless and only applying for the job because they like it.

You must first decide on the layout and design of your resume. You will need to decide on the font size and layout of your headings, side headings and your address. Don’t make it complicated or overload it with graphics. Some companies actually hate them. Employers may not be able to view graphics if they don’t have the right software.

Keep it simple and concise. Your full name, address, phone number, home number, and mobile number should be at the top of your profile page. How will they reach you if they are interested in your profile?

A good resume starts with education and work experience. Your previous jobs and certificates must be listed in alphabetical order. Start with the most recent. Employers want to know what you are doing now and where you work, so they don’t need to flip through pages.

Good candidates will list all achievements in school and work. This will draw the attention of people who are reviewing your resume. They will be able to recall you even if they are looking at other resumes.

List your strengths and talents. As a team player, you’re organized, have great people skills, and are good at managing others. You can list all your computer skills, even email and MS-Office. You can include all of these skills in your resume, and you will be able to create a resume.

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