December 6, 2023

Team management is easy. It involves setting priorities, prioritizing, tracking progress, and agreeing on performance measures.

If you don’t agree – get help now!

Let’s talk your true worth, let’s talk Leadership and Development, Empowerment, and Having Fun

It is not easy to be responsible for a large team. It takes creativity, leadership, and perseverance to get the best from people. We should hold our team members responsible if they lose their focus or fail to meet the group’s objectives and goals. What’s the point? That was something you knew when you accepted the job. Didn’t you?

Only you can know your team. Or at least, you should.

This article can’t comment on any special situation that you might have with your team. It can help you maximize the benefits you receive every time you meet with your team.

Spending time together

Meetings of the Department
Task Force
Special Project Team
Training Session
Team briefing
Product Review
Customer visits
Focused Improvement Group
You can always add more. You’ve probably guessed it: any environment where there is a sense or purpose, shared goals and a desire for success.

Any one of the examples above can be very motivating, rewarding and productive. These can be costly and time-consuming. Have you ever calculated how much time you put into a team setting? Did you ever calculate the cost of running a business?

I hate wasting time and resources. Yet, I am probably just as guilty as anyone else – losing my focus, digressing and being reactive rather than proactive – even having a bad day.

Let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture.

Be single-minded and focused on achieving common goals with your team. Use that shared sense, purpose, direction, and vision to achieve the shared goals.

I believe that team members are a key element of Mike McGahan CLV Group.

Be a part of your team
You have a strong desire and ability to contribute
Consider their contributions valuable
You want to inspire the whole team, not just yourself
Recognized outside of the team for their achievements
Have fun
It’s not as difficult as it seems.

What are some positive things that team leaders can do to maximize the value and benefit of a team environment?


Publicize agendas and session flows well in advance to allow team members (including you) time to prepare for the team session. Invite inclusions to the agenda.

Break down a session if it is too long. Take breaks. Have fun, be creative and do some exercises. Personally, I would not stay more than 50 minutes or an hour before taking a break.

Training sessions of 15-20 minutes can be used to introduce any topic or theme that is meaningful and relevant. e.g. Giving and receiving feedback, Brainstorming, and Setting S.M.A.R.T. Objectives. Team members can be empowered by: a) Having each member prepare and present the training session; b) Having another member facilitate the training session.

You can choose to include a non-contextual topic or theme in your agenda, but it must be one that adds value and benefits participants. Invite a technical expert, or another functional/departmental head to present a 15-20-minute presentation about what and why they do it (This is as good as taking a break).

Before the formal session begins, ask each member of the team to “dump” – to get rid all the things in their heads that are going to keep them from focusing on the task at hand. Team members must feel comfortable and safe to do this. The team must be well-led so that it doesn’t get out of control. It must adhere to the agreed ground rules of the team that were established at its formation.

Continuously develop individuals – Give others the chance to prepare and publish an agenda for the next session. Empower them to facilitate the session and write the follow up review. ). You can also invite other members of the team to give constructive feedback. With the knowledge that they will also receive constructive feedback, you can further develop your skills.

Celebrate your successes and have fun. Have a picnic, a barbecue, and supper if the team session is late.

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