December 6, 2023

Americans are stunned at the intensity of the fan support around the world as they watch the 2010 World Cup. It is amazing, and although soccer today may not be as popular as basketball, football, or baseball in the future, it will. The 2010 census reveals that the US has an increasing number of Hispanics. They are the fastest-growing segment and, on average, they love soccer.

Yes, I do. I was a Vaoroi TV Truc Tiep Bong Da  player for seven years when I was a teenager. While I didn’t play at the same level as the World Cup players, I did enough to be able to appreciate the game and enjoy it. You learn a lot about winning and what it takes to win through teamwork, training, agility, and there’s a lot of philosophy.

The other day, I was in the bookstore and needed to get a new book. I saw “Soccer and Philosophy- Beautiful Thoughts On a Beautiful Game” by Ted Richards. Open Court Press Publishers. New York, NY (2010). 406 pages, ISBN: 978-8126-967-69. I purchased this book right away.

This book is for you if soccer is your passion. This book is for anyone who has ever played the game to win or enjoyed the teamwork and camaraderie of the game.

This book is great for both the athlete and the thinker. I like to compare it with “Zen” and the Art of Motorcycle Repair, it’s simply amazing. This book makes a great coffee table book. The book is filled with lessons and thoughts that will help you to see soccer as it really is. This is a sport that unites the world and brings us closer together. It is a sport that billions of people watch.

It is a sport that is unrivaled in the world. But, it doesn’t matter if you call it futball or soccer. What matters is that you learn more about the game and the psychology behind it. This is Soccer Philosophy at its finest. This book is highly recommended. It is worth your time.

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